2022 WVS & Medtronic Travel Scholarship


Description of Scholarship

The goal of this scholarship is to provide underrepresented HCPs the opportunity to attend educational conferences, gain exposure to educational opportunities and learn more about Medtronic.

Each scholarship recipient will be reimbursed Registration and travel expenses while attending specified conferences (See below) as well as a Spotlight Aortic customer visit to the Santa Rosa, CA HQ within an 18 month period. The intention is to provide access to these events and experiences that are often not available to underrepresented minority and women vascular surgeons due to lack of funding or exposure.

Total number of recipients and conferences / Spotlight visits will be based on funding.

Deadline is September 9th, 2022!


Recipient nomination and selection

  • Scholarship recipient criteria
    • US based, Vascular Surgeon
    • 1-10 (priority <5) years in practice, post-fellowship or post-residency
    • Community or Academic practice
    • Interested in pursuing Aortic therapies
  • Nomination and selection process
    • Women’s Vascular Summit leadership will select the award recipients from applications received based on the scholarship recipient criteria.  WVS Leadership will provide individual names and applications to Medtronic Aortic Medical Science for those selected.

Funds disbursement

  • A link to the Medtronic Giving Connection will be provided to the winners. Recipient then submits receipts to Medtronic and Medtronic will then distribute reimbursement funds for registration and travel expenses.

Conference and Spotlight Visit Information

  • All recipients will attend Womens Vascular Summit and at least 1 additional meeting, possibly more depending on funding
  • Approved conferences for scholarship recipients to choose from are as follows – total number of conferences supported for each recipient will be based on funding:
    • Women’s Vascular Summit
    • VAM (Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) annual meeting)
    • VEITH
    • VESS
    • Regional vascular society meetings

Entry Form

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