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Greetings Industry Partners:

The Women's Vascular Summit (WVS) provides a forum to review differences in vascular disease presentation, intervention, and outcomes based on gender. The first annual meeting occurred May of 2019 and was extremely successful and multiple research projects have been undertaken assessing differences in outcomes based on gender.

We are asking your financial support for this important meeting. Educational topics include the broad spectrum of vascular disorders including: peripheral arterial disease, cerebrovascular disease, aortic aneurysms, aortic dissections, access, and venous disease. Interactive group discussions allow participants to ask questions and to work together to develop future research projects. We hosted over 125 vascular professionals and trainees at the 2019 meeting. At the end of the 2019 meeting, we underwent a grant selection process to choose multiple research projects discussed during the first meeting. These projects continue to merit some minimal funding to facilitate further research on vascular disease in women, led by some of the field's greatest practitioners.

The meeting will be being held in Buffalo, New York at the newly constructed Gates Vascular Institute. We will host between 100 and 125 Health Care Practitioners interested in vascular disease and surgery. The cost of meeting registration is minimal for attendees, similar to many of the boot camps that are now offered in vascular surgery. The hope is to keep the cost to operate the meeting as low as possible - but in order to do this, we require your assistance.


Linda Harris, MD & Mariel Rivero, MD, Course Directors
Women’s Vascular Summit

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